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Thursday, February 28, 2013

TAG: Confessions of a Blogger

I haven't been posting a lot recently as my lift has been hectic. I was tagged by Katie to do this so I thought I might as well give it a whirl.

When did you start your blog?
I started this blog in September 2012.

What you had any online presence before?
I started blogging in 2010 under a different profile.

Why did you start blogging?
I originally started blogging because I wanted a way to feel liable and keep track of my Project Pan progress. I may have taken on a bit more than I can handle.

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I'm still not super serious about it simply because I don't have the time to dedicate myself to it like I'd like to.

What was your first post?
My first post was indicating why I'm starting Project Pan and my rules.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
I'm having a hard time keeping track of everyone's blogs. How do you guys do it? Advice?

Where do you see your blog in one year?
I'm not sure but hopefully at 200 followers. I might have to give it up though.

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
I love reading everyone's comments! I like to see other's people's opinions as well.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
Honestly, making time to read other people's blogs. I really need to find a way to do it.

What's your lasting impression or motivation?
I really want to save money to buy a house, and now afford a wedding. I love seeing everyone's comments and love other people's opinions on products.

Any advice you guys can give me on trying to manage my time? What about you? How did you get started?

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Boredom Tag

Yesterday I was tagged by Annabelle at Beauty & Lifestyle to do the Boredom Tag. So let's begin.

Let's start off with your relationship status?
I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years. This is a picture of us when we first started dating. As you can tell, we are losers. We originally took this picture to send to my sister and make fun of her Facebook pictures.

Is the last person you kissed also the next person you'll kiss?
I would hope so :)

Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?
I always tell myself that I'm going to stop eating junk food. I'm sure you know how that went.

Have you ever fallen asleep in school?
Oh yes multiple times. I actually fell asleep once in an International Marketing class and I actually enjoyed that class. I was just super exhausted and my blood pressure was really low.

Who's the biggest douche bag you know?
I'm gotten all those people out of my life finally. Let's not reminisce.

Do you have any siblings over the age of 21?
No, I am the oldest and my younger sister is 16. This is an old picture of us.

Are you missing anyone/ something?
I miss my grandfather. He's been gone 1 year 2 days go.

What do you usually do right when you wake up?
Check the time to see if I can hit snooze.

Would you rather have orange juice or milk with your breakfast?
Can I pick coffee? No? Orange juice it is.

Once a cheater, always a cheater?
Yes. If you've been accepting of doing it in the past, it will happen again. History has a tenancy of repeating itself.

Ever sat on someone's lap because there were no more seats available?
Yup, back in high school. More recently we put a friend of mine in the trunk of my smart car. It's a hatchback, no need to get overly worried.

What are you sick of?
The cold. It's been freezing lately. I just want it to end.

How many days until your next birthday?
Are you really going to make me count? Sigh. 175.

Do you think you are a good person?
I wouldn't consider myself a "good" person only because I have high standards for that word.

Have you made a mistake this past week?
I forgot to attach a document in an email to a client. Oops.

How many piercings do you have and what are they?
My ears are pierced once each. Nothing too interesting.

Do you believe what comes around goes around?
No, I believe what goes around comes around. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

Why did you last cry?
Just remembering my grandfather.

Are you happy with your life?
I'm content with my life. I'd like much more from it.

How would your parents react if you got a tattoo?
They'd be upset at first but eventually learn to kind of deal with it.

What's something you need to do?
Start making more time to workout.

Ever wished you could freeze time at a specific moment in your life?
Just like Annabelle, while I'm sleeping so I can sleep longer. This is me falling asleep on the couch with the dog.

What can you hear?
A coworkers conversation with a customer.

How do you feel right now?
Pretty good actually. Just waiting until I can go home.

What would make you happiest right now?
If I could teleport home and not try to fight the weather conditions.

Okay, it's your turn to do this tag. Either post this tag on your blog and comment with the link below or just answer these questions below. I can't wait to read your answers!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 Random Facts Tag

I haven't finished a lot of products lately so I'm going to do another post from a tag by Latie Alyse. I love her product reviews and especially love her tutorials. They're very easy to follow.

So right on to the tag!

  1. I'm working from home today because it's freezing cold outside, my car won't start, and I'm not feeling the greatest. All signs point to "don't go into the office today".
  2. I truly believe that women should invest in a proper fitting bra. Most women are wearing the wrong size and it irritates me to no end when I see things like band riding up or double boobs.
  3. I named my dog after my favourite hockey player- Darcy Tucker. Meet Tucker! 
  4. I live in Canada but my family is from Italy. I am the whitest Italian you will have ever met :)
  5. I am really happy with the shape of my eye brows.
  6. This season I've been wearing a ton of sweaters. Most of them I purchased at American Eagle, which is not a store I frequent often.
  7. My favourite type of blog posts to read are empties. I dislike reading religious posts. Everyone has their own beliefs (even within the same religion) and I think everyone should form their own thoughts and grow from them.
  8. If I could live anywhere else in the world it would probably be Sweden. I love the culture, and the government structure.
  9. I love the shows "Til Debt Do Us Part" and "Princess". Gail Vaz Oxlade is my idol. I love how she just tell's it like it is.
  10. I actually like my boyfriend's friends. They're great people (well, kind of :P) and I understand why he gets along with them.
  11. Here is Puff. Her and Tucker are really funny together.
  12. I invest in Mutual Funds through my RRSP. I am by no means an expert, so please don't ask for advice lol
  13. 1 am addicted to Shoppers Optimum points. I am always tempted by the elusive 20x the points!
  14. I love Bath and Body Works candles. I will only buy them when they're on for 2 for $25.
  15. I love to cook with garlic.
  16. I work 2 jobs right now (full-time and part-time) because I'm trying to save up for a down payment on a house. I'm hoping that I can continue to keep this up.
  17. I listen to Kiss 92.5 every morning on my way to work. I love the Roz and Mocha show.
  18. I would love to find some fun, free or inexpensive, things to do with my boyfriend. Any ideas?
  19. I love 90s music. It just makes me happy.
  20. I don't understand the need to buy "crystal" or "fine china". If I can't use it, why is it taking up space?
  21. I have a hard time functioning on a computer without a dual screen. Once you switch over, it's hard to go back.
  22. I used to love to play Super Smash Bros. N64 was my favourite version, and Samus was my favourtie character. That girl kicks butt!
  23. I know a lot of people say that high school was the best time of their life. For me it wasn't. I'm glad It's over and that I've learned from it.
  24. I can't whistle.
  25. I've always preferred rollerblading to riding a bike.

NOW I TAG ALL OF YOU!!! This was a hard one for me to do. I really don't know what to say about myself.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tag- You're It!

Hello everyone. Yesterday I was tagged by Paige to do the Tag-You're it tag. Confused? Haha.

Here are the rules for this tag:
Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
Set 11 questions for the 11 people you tag.
Mention the blog who tagged you.

Simple enough!

Paige's Questions:
  1. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging to keep track and hold me accountable to my cosmetic purchases.
  2. What is the best thing about blogging?  I like seeing other people's opinions on products.
  3. What is the worst thing about blogging? Definitely staying on top of it. I'm horrible at night and on weekends. 
  4. Have you ever considered making a YouTube channel to go along with your blog? Yes, but not at the moment. I don't have the time to edit videos, nor am I found of how I look on camera.
  5. Top 3 blogs at the moment? Too bad, I'm picking 5. Carole's ChatterWritten by SuzanneThe Curley GirlBeautiful Solutions, and Katie Alyse
  6. Favourite Cereal? Honey-Nut Cheerios.
  7. What is your favourite subject at school and why?  I've graduated university so I'm done school for  a while. But gym was my favourite in elementary and high school.
  8. Favourite beauty brand?  Clarins.
  9. Favourite clothing store? American Eagle right now.
  10. What is one product you couldn't live without? Elizabeth Arden Brow Powder.
  11. What is a product that you would but cannot buy in your own country? MUA!!!

My Questions:
  1. What was your dream job as a child?
  2. What is your dream job now?
  3. What is your current job?
  4. How often do you paint your nails?
  5. What is something you want to try harder at this year?
  6. What is your favourite way to spend a day off?
  7. What country do you currently live in?
  8. What is your background/ heritage?
  9. What is your proudest accomplishment?
  10. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, which?
  11. Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?

Who I Tag:
  1. Written by Suzanne
  2. The Curley Girl
  3. Beautiful Solutions
  4. Katie Alyse
  5. GagCloud
  6. Perfectly Imperfekt Me
  7. Fun Size Beauty
  8. Chatter Blossom
  9. Simply Beauty
  10. Wrinkled Chiffon
  11. Beauty on a College budget

Answer the questions in the comments below or put the link to your site where you've answered them. I'd love to see your answers!

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Bucket List TAG

I was tagged by Annabelle at Beauty & Lifestyle to do the Bucket List TAG. I have to admit that there isn't really anything too interesting on my list.

My Bucket List:

1. I want to go sky diving. I already have the tickets.

2. I want to buy a house. My boyfriend and I are currently saving up but putting 20% down is proving to be a challenge.

3. I want to learn how to bake. I can cook, I just don't have the precision to bake. I like to throw things in, not measure.

4. I want to try surfing. Living in Canada proves to make this a difficult task.

5. I want to go to Japan. I love the culture (and the anime), so I want to experience it first hand.

6. I'd like to climb a mountain. I used to go rock climbing, but only indoors.

7. Get my Master's degree. I have a bachelor's in Business and as such, if I want to continue to get my Master's in Business I need to have 2 years of related work experience before I can even apply. Truth is, I have no desire to start writing essays again.

8. Learn French. I know a BIT of French, but not enough that would qualify to be able to put it on a resume.

9. Visit a volcano. While in Sicily I saw one, but did not make the effort into climbing and looking down.

10. Ride a camel to to pyramids in Egypt.

11. Learn archery and fencing. I love the whole medieval era.

Now I TAG you! Leave a comment below telling me something on your bucket list, or post a link to where you have done this tag.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Random Little Things Tag

I was tagged by Annabelle from Beauty & Style to do a Random Little Things Tag. It's simple enough. All I have to do is post 10 random things about myself. So here it is!

1. I'm short. I'm only 5'1 AND a half (Every little bit helps okay).
2. I'm very clumsy to the point where I am NOT allowed to decorate the Christmas tree.
3. I like anime (Currently re-watching Dragon Ball Z).
4. I don't like white wine, only red.
5. My favourite Disney princess was Ariel. I tried to sing like her too and my family still reminds me to this day about how bad I was.
6. I am currently wearing a Batman sweater.
7. I wish I was good at nail art. I always fail at trying to paint my right hand.
8. My boyfriend makes the best chocolate chip cookies (I can't bake).
9. I'm not AWESOME at anything, I just OKAY at a lot of things.
10. My favourite board game is Settlers of Catan. I always play as orange.

Now I Tag YOU! Do this tag and either leave your responses below or give me the link to where you answered them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

20 Questions Tag

I thought I'd do a Tag today so you can get to know me a bit better. I was inspired to do this by Annabella at Here we go!

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without? House keys. I've locked myself out too many times.

2. Favourite brand of makeup? I tend to use multiple brands but for overall? Lancome.

3. Favourite flower? Orchids or Blue Roses.

4. Favourite clothing store? I don't really have style so there's no 1 store I love. Lately I've bought things from Hot Topic, Garage, Le Chateau, and American Eagle.

5. Favourite perfume? Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

6. Heels or flats? Heels are hotter but flats are soo much more comfy.

7. Do you make good grades? I've finished school but I guess I did. I graduated university with honours.

8. Favourite colours? My favourite colour is green.

9. Do you drink energy drinks? Not unless you count Gatorade/ Powerade.

10. Do you drink juice? Yes I do. I've been trying to drink more water though.

11. Do you like swimming? I enjoy swimming, but not being cold or getting my hair wet.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? It depends on where I am.

13. Favourite Moisturizer? Right now I'd have to say Vichy's LiftActiv Retinal HA Night.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life? I'd like to get married within the next couple of years.

15. Do you get mad easily? It depends. I have a line that you don't want to cross.

16. Are you into ghost hunting? I don't believe in ghosts.

17. Any phobias? Not really.

18. Do you bite your nails? Nope. 

19. Have you had a near death experience? Yes. I have severe food allergies that have caused me to get a little too close for comfort.

20. Do you drink coffee? Yes. Black and multiple times a day.

Do you have any other questions for me? Do this tag yourself and let me know!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liebster Award

This has taken me FOREVER to write because I hate talking about myself. I have been tagged and awarded with the Liebster Award by Laura from Thinner Please . Thanks!

Rules for the Liebster Award:

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
  4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to post. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. No tag backs.

11 Things About Me:
  1. I love to play board games.
  2. I like Stargate in the order of SG1, then Atlantis, then Universe (Yes, the order they came out).
  3. I need a coffee in the morning to function.
  4. My favourite dessert is Apple Turnovers.
  5. My boyfriend makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
  6. I drive a Smart car.
  7. My favourite colour is green.
  8. I'm trying to minimize my beauty collection.
  9. I'm saving up for a down payment for a house.
  10. I have a BlackBerry.
  11. I have tried multiple times, and failed, at trying to watch Twilight.

Here are the 11 Questions that  Thinner Please asked me:
  1. Do you have a nickname? If so what is it? I have many nicknames. I go by Tash, Muscles, The Mazing, Puppy, Len, etc.
  2. Do you have a sport you like to play? I used to love to figure skate. I had to stop due to a back injury.
  3. What is your biggest fear? Being helpless.
  4. If you could have one wish, what would it be? Find out about some mysterious inheritance.
  5. What is your favourite food? I love ribs.
  6. When did you first start blogging? About 10 years ago I had a livejournal. That counts right?
  7. What's your earliest memory? I have a horrible memory...I remember being in daycare and hiding under the bridge so I didn't have to go back in after play time.
  8. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what and where are they? Nope. Nothing means enough to me.
  9. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? It depends on the people. I love presenting, I love performing, but if I have to have a conversation with people that bore me...just no.
  10. How do you spend the typical Saturday night? Under the blankets watching movies.
  11. What animal do you identify with? A lion. I am a Leo after all.

And the Liebster Award goes to...

Here are My Questions for You:
  1. Do you remember your dreams?
  2. Do you have pets? If so, what are they and what are their names?
  3. What was the last thing you laughed at?
  4. Do you like the snow?
  5. What is your zodiac sign?
  6. What is your favourite childhood cartoon?
  7. Where is your dream holiday destination?
  8. What are you addicted to?
  9. Do you keep your nails long or short?
  10. If you could look like any female celebrity, who would it be?
  11. What languages can you speak?