What is Project Pan?

For those of you who don't know what Project Pan is, it's when you stop buying beauty products until you've either hit pan or used up a certain number of products. The most common number is 10, which is what I will be basing my first Project on. 

Everyone's rules are a little bit different so I'm going to lay mine out:
1) I must completely finish the product in order to count it on my list. Once I've finished a product I will give a review on it.
2) The only products I'm allowed to buy before I reach 10 are products that I don't have another one of. For example,  if I have 3 toners in my cupboard and finish 1, I cannot go out and buy another toner. I must use the next one in my collection. However, if I only have 1 toner in my cupboard and it runs out, I am permitted to replace it.